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Wingnut AR

Wingnut AR - WWDC 17 Demo


My Role  Character aNIMATOR

WINGNUT AR a highly creative team based in Wellington, New Zealand, led by acclaimed movie director Sir Peter Jackson explored how augmented reality can be used to entertain and delight whilst working with some exciting and amazing AR hardware.

Hearing Peter wanted to start this company, I decided to move from my role at Weta Digital to join this start up as a founding member of the company. For almost 2 years, I was a part of the team pushing new augmented reality technology and real time animation into exciting new creative areas. My role in the company was to collaborate closely with developers and artists by running the animation department within the studio. I was responsible for maintaining quality standards across the animation work as well as helping guide production timelines and projects. The majority of our teams work is locked quite heavily in NDA’s, however, recently, some of our work was presented during Apple’s keynote presentation at WWDC.

This piece has since been showcased on the BBC and on FxGuide’s website. (See below)

My role on this project was involved with developing the story, action, choreography of the ships and directing the characters and getting the animated elements into the game engine. I animated all the elements in the scene from Previs to Final. I directed actors on the motion capture stage and supervised senior animators who helped during production. I choreographed all the timings of the action in the piece, collaborating quite closely with FX, Sound, Rigging and Assets to get this piece done in a short time.

A showcase of the work and company can be seen below.

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