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My Role  Animator

World Wildlife Fund (WWF) has partnered with PHORIA, an Australian-based technology studio, Facebook's Oculus, and Silverback Films to create an immersive virtual reality (VR) video series highlighting the places WWF works, and the people working to protect those places.The three-part series, called ecosphere, guides viewers through the savannahs of Kenya (Africa), the rain forests of Borneo (Malaysia) and the coral reefs of Raja Ampat (Indonesia). Viewers will encounter elephants, orangutans, and manta rays along with the people who work to protect these animals and their habitats, all in cinematic VR.

I collaborated with the Phoria team of creatives and developers to help create this beautiful piece of immersive content. My role involved animating the cinematic introduction, combining the logos and the world with the interactive branding, all animated with Maya and Unity. Also, I rigged and animated the creatures in the interactive menu screens, seen when the user is selecting the video they want to watch. These animated vignettes included a mother and child orangutan, mother and child elephant and a majestic manta ray. The animated vignettes were used to set the tone and themes of the content to the user before they dived into the ground breaking 3d stories and footage featured in the interactive.

As a nominee for Best VR Video at the Webby Awards 2021, this free content is a must watch for anyone with a Oculus headset.

Below is some work taken from the interactive that I worked on.

Watch the ECOSPHERE trailer »

Introduction Animation

Creature Animation

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