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Rewild: Our Planet

REWILD Our Planet


My Role  Lead Animator / Concept Artist / Content Creator

Our Planet is an eight-part original documentary Netflix series shot over four years, in collaboration with Silverback Productions and WWF.

Voiced by Sir David Attenborough, the series showcases the world’s incredible species and most at-risk habitats in ways they have never been seen before.

More than just a showcase of the planet’s wonders, Our Planet aims to inspire people around the world to understand the natural world as never before. Our Planet highlights the urgent need for action to restore nature, working solutions we already hold in our hands.

REWILD Our Planet is the social Augmented Reality experience that asks humanity to take back control and restore balance to the natural world. Developed in partnership with Netflix, World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF), ArtScience Museum at Marina Bay Sands, Google and Phoria this innovative installation blends location-based AR technology and IMAX-style content from the Netflix Original Series Our Planet. REWILD Our Planet puts you at the heart of the natural world and invites you to play an active role in conservation.

REWILD Our Planet launched simultaneously across three cities - ArtScience Museum at Marina Bay Sands in Singapore, Dolby Studio in New York City and We Are Curious in Bristol (UK).

REWILD Our Planet uses cutting edge technology to transport you into the landscapes featured in this ambitious documentary. At the exhibition at ArtScience Museum, Singapore, you'll dive into the deepest oceans, visit the most remote forests and take a journey over vast ice caps. Blending stunning IMAX style projections with spatial soundscapes and a soundtrack narrated by David Attenborough from the Our Planet documentary, REWILD Our Planet puts you at the heart of the natural world and invites you to play an active role in conservation.

I was brought onto the project by the team at Phoria to be a lead artist on the project. My role was to take the project’s production standards to the next level, by leading animation and design on the animated sequences in the project. I helped create concept artwork and various motion tests to establish the overall goals of the project and helped direct various levels of polish throughout the project.  

It was really great to be able to use my production skills in an innovative way, to help spread the positive message established by the Netflix series and it was really rewarding to see the visitors engaged in the project.

The exhibition has now closed globally, please see the various videos, links and images to get a snapshot into the work.

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