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AR Dinosaurs - WA Museum Boola Bardip

AR Dinosaurs - WA Museum Boola Bardip

Client WA Museum Boola Bardip x Art Processors

My Role  Animation Director / Animator / AR Artist

Dinosaurs are fascinating, wonderous and mysterious. Loved by everyone and by all ages and their gigantic fossils are often a showcase attraction at a museum. I have animated dinosaurs before, however, when the chance came again to travel back in time, I jumped at the project. I was able to let my imagination run wild and dream about how a new collection of dinosaurs would move and be displayed for an augmented reality exhibit.

The WA Museum Boola Bardip re-opened its doors late 2020 and launched a wide range of new exhibitions with help from my collaborators Art Processors. In their gallery they were going to feature life size 2-3 metre long dinosaurs, showcasing the unique dinosaur footprint tracks and bone fossil discoveries that have been found throughout Western Australia. Utilising a handheld device, the museums “Gogo” app enhances the visitors experience with the ability to see these huge dinosaurs come to life inside the museum with Apple AR Kit.

The featured dinosaurs we developed for the app were the Luluichnus Mueckei, Amargarsaurus, Tyrannotitan, Patagotitan and Herrarasaurus.

My role on this project was to create the augemented reality dinosaurs and direct the animated sequences. The goal was to create lifelike creatures they felt like they were really standing there in the gallery. I collaborated with Art Processors and the Museum, as well, I led and directed a team to complete the job. The final result is the creation of some incredible creatures that have become a memorable moment for visitors to the Museum.

Below is some examples of the work.

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