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The Batman

The Batman

Studio Wētā FX

My Role  Animator

I got opportunity to work on a Matt Reeves instant classic film “The Batman" (2022), starring Robert Pattinson at Wētā FX. This project has been nominated for many visual effects awards including the Academy Award for Best Visual Effects and the Visual Effect Society award for Outstanding Visual Effects in a Photoreal Feature. This project would have blown 7 year old Blair’s little mind and was a dream to work on.

My role involved helping animate one of the movies standout moments, the Batmobile and Penguin car chase. I animated the speeding and skidding Batmobile, swerving semi-trucks, falling wooden pallets, plenty of debris and crashing cars. This fast pace, high impact sequence blended seamlessly with the real life shots they captured in camera on set. Combined with the incredible sound, this scene even blew me away in the cinema.

I also helped animate the bats in the film, contributing various cycles and clips for use in the bat cave crowd scenes containing thousands of bats. I also animated the hero bat in one of the more quirky moments of the film featuring Batman, a letter and a bat in a cage. To complete this work, I studied many reference videos of bats, learning their traits and characteristics. I quickly fell in love with the creatures. All this studying came together in a great rarely long shot of the bat trying to avoid and attack Batman’s hand.

All CG performances were a full keyframe animated.

Below is a showreel of some of the shots taken from that film that I worked on.

The Batman on IMDB »

Watch the films trailer »

Animation Showreel

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