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Spatial Fusion

Spatial Fusion - A Mixed Reality Experience for the Web

CLIENT Phoria x Meta x Lusion

My Role  Animator

Spatial Fusion is A Mixed Reality Experience for the Web.

This technological cutting edge, experience was designed in a collaboration between Meta, PHORIA and Lusion to showcase the new capabilities of the Meta Quest Pro headset. I once again, joined with the Phoria team of creatives and developers to help create this innovative piece of immersive content.

This was a great opportunity to get a glimpse into the future as this work was all developed on the unreleased hardware, using unreleased browser features and unreleased software. Working like this is always an exciting challenge as it combines problem solving and innovation to complete the work.

My role involved rigging, animating and bringing to life one of the key items of the project, the “Stellarator”. This multipurpose cannon that attached to the users controllers, allowed them to blast virtual plasma rays into their living rooms and interact with all the wacky digital objects floating around their space.

My goal was to make this cannon a fun character that was a joy to pull its trigger. It was great to see people experience this for the first time, seeing their joy and experimentation as they leant how to handle it.

As a nominee for Technical Achievement, Metaverse & Immersive Features at the Webby Awards 2023, this free content is a must try for anyone with a Quest Pro or Quest 2 headset.

Full credits on the Spatial Fusion website

Below is some clips taken from the interactive that shows my work.


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