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Cricketer AR - ArtProcessors

Cricketer AR - ArtProcessors


My Role  3d Artist / Animator / AR

Cricket is at the heart of Australian sporting culture. But while you can see replays of famous matches on the television, what if you could experience a moment in cricket history play out right in front of you using stumps lying around in your backyard?

Art Processors is an experiential design consultancy specialising in rich, immersive visitor experiences for museums. Using a thoughtful blend of proprietary technology, digital media, and precision spatial design, they create meaningful, moving encounters for users.

My role on this project was to create the 3d cricketer asset and create lifelike animation for use in an AR technology demo. Using low-fi motion capture techniques with a Kinect sensor and ipisoft, I acted out the base actions required for the cricketer in my home studio. Then taking that motion and refining, polishing and publishing the data onto the character to be shown off in AR.

Heres how the prototype ended up.

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