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My Role  Character aNIMATOR

As part of my time at Weta Digital in NZ, I got to work on the latest film adaptation of the children’s classic story from Roald Dahl, THE B.F.G. The combination of the leading VFX team and the industry legend Steven Spielberg made this a truely magical project to be a part of.

My role as an animator was to animate character performances of the lead characters, BFG, Fleshlumpeater, Gizzardgulper, Meatdripper and all the other giants, as well as animation for the dreams BFG captures in his jars. Most of the performances in the film were all based off a performance capture taken from the lead actors wearing suits and face cameras, then polished by the animation artists. This project was a chance for myself to learn and master the FACS facial coding system implemented in Weta’s pipeline. Most shots were a full CG environment which meant I animated the camera in most of my shots.

I’m super proud of the work the team created and I really love the charm the film has. Spielberg brought a wonderful sense of magic to the film as a whole and some of the shots are simply beautiful.

Below is a showreel of some of the shots I worked on. This film was very unique for a VFX project with a lot of long length of shots which I really enjoyed.

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Film Showreel

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