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My Role  Creative Director / ANIMATOR / AR

Sofa Social is a social marketing platform for virtual reality arcades and other out-of-home entertainment venues.  The Sofa Social app lets guests capture and share user-generated augmented reality content.

Sofa Social wants to bring an end to boring VR experiences where one person is in the headset, while everyone else stays spectators. In the future, we hope to further enhance the shareability of VR and unlock its potential as a social ecosystem.

Sofa Social, is a fun AR sticker app that incentivises customers to play & share videosCustomers record video with AR sticker & Selfie Avatars.

I joined the team at Sofa Social as creative director. My role was to take the VR titles from the VR Arcades and create / recreate them into a sharable AR sequence. Taking IP’s such as Ready Player One, Justice League and Raw Data, designing, modelling, rigging and animating their characters to be placed into any location in AR. Users were also able to photograph themselves and be mapped onto the 3d characters. Creating a personal connection with the content, which often hilarious results.

It was great to see the creativity of all the users and how they too my work into creative new areas.
Check out some of the work and its application below.

Animation Highlights

Sofa Promo

Sofa Promo

Sofa Promo

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