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Melbourne Law School AR

Melbourne Law School AR

Client   PHORIA x Melbourne Law School

My Role  Animator / Designer / Storyteller / AR

Melbourne Law School teamed up with Phoria to explore how knowledge, innovation and the Law interact to shape our future cities and environment. The ‘Discover the MLS in AR’ app helps students to discover new pathways into Law.

The app features smooth animations, overlaying digital information onto the real world to make the learning experience dynamic, as opposed to a static text book. With AR, students can uncover global issues in Health Law, Food Law, Sports Law, International Law and The Justice System.

This visually-driven storytelling is part of the University of Melbourne’s push to bring augmented reality into classroom experiences. Hopefully encouraging future lawyers to engage with the unexpected ways that Law impacts the everyday lives of human beings.

I was brought onto the project to lead and direct the animated AR storytelling. Collaborating directly with Melbourne Law School, my work on the project included creating 3d characters, designing concept art and bringing to life various animated animals and objects. I performed motion capture for various characters, created 3d models, developed motion graphics and directed the animation throughout the app. Working closely with the development team at Phoria, the work seamlessly slid into place in the Unity project.

Watch the following videos to see some of my work on the project.

Animation Highlights

Full Animated Sequence

Project Highlights

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