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Blair Burke
Animation & Design

ANIMATION DIRECTOR / Creative Director / LEAD Animator / Designer / XR Specialist

Hello, I am Blair Burke, an independent creative director from Melbourne, Australia. For almost 20 years, I have travelled across Australia and abroad to work with the best creative studios within Film, Television, Advertising, Gaming and Technology.

I have animated on some of the most watched films of the past few years. I have designed interfaces used by millions of people for world leading brands. I’ve worked on innovative interactive location based experiences with world leading museums and my work has been awarded by industry peers for its quality and innovation.

I spend my days working on VFX films and collaborating with various organisations to push new augmented reality and XR technology into exciting, new creative areas.

Previous projects have included, creating character animation on the 2023 Academy Award Winner for Best Visual Effects, “AVATAR: THE WAY OF WATER” (2022), the 2017 Academy Award Winner for Best Visual Effects, “THE JUNGLE BOOK” (2016) and Academy Award Nominee’s for Best Visual Effects “THE BATMAN” (2022) and “GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY” (2014).  As well I have animated on the blockbuster projects, “THE LAST OF US” (2023), “THE LEGO MOVIE” (2014) and Steven Spielberg’s “THE BFG” (2016).

I've helped launch new technology with Sir Peter Jackson and Apple, tried to heal the world with David Attenborough and Netflix and helped raise awareness to endangered species with WWF and Oculus.

The showreels below give you some insight into this work. Further breakdowns of each project and my role specifically can be found in the projects section.

I’m always trying to create exciting and meaningful experiences, whether digital or non-digital. I spend my free time animating, designing, creating games, drawing and creating films. I am in constant pursuit of good work that’s going to engage me creatively and technically.

I enjoy work most, when I can collaborate with experienced, talented people. If you want to know more about my skills, get in touch.

I love creative discussions. Contact me to get help with your next project or to discuss one of mine you’re interested in.

This website is a small look into some of the things I’ve worked on.





Here are a some reels showing some of my animation work. They are broken into groups of film animation, AR animation and motion graphics. My role and exact work has been broken down in more details on the various project pages.

Which is your favourite piece? Let me know.


Choose a project to hear more about my role and to see the work.


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